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Google Translation:
(Par extension) (Commerce) Toute valeur monétaire

     1. prep. through
     2. prep. by (used to introduce a means)
     3. prep. over (used to express direction)
     4. prep. from (used to describe the origin of something, especially a view or movement)
     5. prep. around, round (inside of)
     6. prep. on (situated on, used in certain phrase)
     7. prep. on, at, in (used to denote a time something occurs)
     8. prep. in
     9. prep. per, a, an
     10. prep. out of (used to describe the reason for something)
     11. prep. for
     12. prep. by (used to introduce the agent in a passive construction)
     13. n. (golf) par
     1. n. extension
     1. n. commerce, trade
     2. n. store, shop, trader
     1. adj. feminine of tout
          1. adv. all
          2. pron. everything
     1. n. value
     2. n. valor, gallantry
     1. adj. monetary, fiscal
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