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Google Translation:
(Par extension) (Commerce) Toute valeur monétaire

     1. prep. through
           par la fenêtre - through the window
           aller par le parc - go through the park
     4. prep. by (used to introduce a means; used to introduce an agent in a passive construction))
           voyager par train - travel by train
           par surprise - by surprise
           le bateau est attaqué par des pirates. - the boat is being attacked by pirates.
     8. prep. over (used to express direction)
           Viens par ici ! - Come over here!
     10. prep. from (used to describe the origin of something, especially a view or movement)
           voir par devant - see from the back
           le liquide est arrivé par le robinet - the liquid arrived from the tap
     13. prep. around, round (inside of)
           par tout le cinéma - all around the cinema
     15. prep. on (situated on, used in certain phrases)
           par terre - on the ground
     17. prep. on, at, in (used to denote a time when something occurs)
           par un beau jour - on a nice day
           par un soir - in one evening
     20. prep. in
           marcher par deux - walk in twos
     22. prep. per, a, an
           trois fois par semaine - three times a week
     24. prep. out of (used to describe the reason for something)
           par pure colère - out of pure anger
           par tristesse - out of sadness
     27. prep. for
     28. n. (golf) par
     1. n. extension
     1. n. commerce, trade
     2. n. store, shop, trader
     1. adj. feminine singular of tout
          1. adj. all
          2. pron. everything
          3. adv. all
     1. n. value, worth
     2. n. valor, gallantry
     1. adj. monetary, fiscal
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