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Daily French Audio - Words

Words used in this podcast
Word Root Meanings
vivre 1. v. to live
2. v. to experience
frappa 1. v. third-person singular past historic of frapper
frapper 1. v. to hit, to strike, to bash
2. : Il m'a frappé le bras.
3. :  | He hit me on the arm.
4. v. to knock (e.g. on a door)
5. v. to bang (to get attention)
chatouillé 1. v. past participle of chatouiller
chatouiller 1. v. to tickle
dangereux 1. adj. dangerous
animaux 1. adj. masculine plural of animal
2. n. plural of animal
animal 1. n-m. animal
2. adj. animal
espèce 1. n. type, sort, kind
2. n. (taxonomy) species
3. n. (in the plural) cash, specie, coin
film 1. n. movie, film
similaires 1. adj. plural of similaire
similaire 1. adj. similar
2. : Ce n'est pas très similaire. - It is not very similar.
pur 1. adj. pure (unspoilt)
2. adj. pure (undiluted)
île 1. n. island
homard 1. n. lobster
entorse 1. n. sprain
2. n. (figuratively) exception, violation (to a rule)
chien 1. n-m. dog
2. n-m. cock, hammer (of a firearm)
salle à manger 1. n-f. dining room
pièces 1. n. plural of pièce
pièce 1. n. room (in a house, etc)
2. n. piece
3. n. (money) coin
4. n. play (in a theatre)
5. n. (heraldry) ordinary

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