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     1. vi. to become mixed together or intertwined
     2. vi. to be forced into some kind of situation
     3. vi. to enter into an argument, conflict, dispute, or fight
     4. vt. to mix together or intertwine
     5. vt. to catch and hold
     6. n. a tangled twisted mass
     7. n. a complicated or confused state or condition
     8. n. an argument, conflict, dispute, or fight
     9. n. (mathematics) A region of the projection of a knot such that the knot crosses its perimeter exactly four times.
     10. n. Any large type of seaweed, especially a species of Laminaria.

Example Sentences

The border is a tangle of wire, broken buildings and mud, bearing a resemblance to a first world war battlefield. 
What a tangle web he weaves. 
Despite the fact that legalising cannabis smoking in caftangle 

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