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20 als
     1. conj. (subordinating) if, when
           Als je die knop indrukt, gaat de computer uit.
             If you push that button, the computer will turn off.
     2. conj. when, as soon as
           Als het regent worden alle daken nat.
21 dan
     1. adv. then, at that time (in the future)
           Morgen wordt het beter weer, maar dan moet ik weer naar mijn werk.
             Tomorrow the weather will be better, but then I must go to work again.
     2. adv. then, after that
           Eerst moet je je tanden poetsen, dan mag je naar bed.
22 maar
     1. adv. only, just
           Het was maar een vraag! / Het is maar een kwestie van tijd!
             It was only a question! / It is only a question of time!
     2. adv. as long as; only
     3. adv. just; a modal particle indicating a certain degree of indifference towards the result.
23 bij
     1. prep. at, with
           Bij ons is het altijd feest.
             With us it's always a party.
     2. prep. by, close to
           Ik woon in een hutje bij de zee.
24 of
     1. conj. (coordinating) or
           Wil je thee, of heb je liever koffie?
             Do you want tea, or would you prefer coffee?
     2. conj. (subordinating) whether, if
           Ik weet niet of dat wel zo'n goed idee is.
25 uit
     1. adv. out, from the inside to the outside
     2. adv. out, off (to an extinguished or switched-off state)
           Het vuur is uit.
             The fire is out.
           De televisie is uit.
26 nog
     1. adv. still, as before
           Nu is de auto nog mooi en schoon, maar na een paar jaar niet meer. - Now the car is still nice and clean, but after a few years it won't be anymore.
           Ik heb nog genoeg aardappelen, ik heb niet meer nodig. - I still have enough potatoes, I don't need more.
     2. adv. (in negative phrases) yet
           Hij is nog niet gekomen. - He has not come yet.
27 worden
     1. v. (copulative) to become
           Zij wilde altijd al lerares worden. — She always wanted to become a teacher.
     2. v. (transitive auxiliary) Used to form the imperfect tense of the passive voice, together with a past participle.
           Ze worden gered. — They are being saved.
           De muur werd geschilderd. — The wall was being painted.
28 door
     1. adv. through
     2. adv. forward, on
           Ondanks slecht weer ging het feest toch door.
             Despite bad weather, the party went on anyway.
     3. adv. (postpositional) through (implying motion)
29 naar
     1. prep. to, towards in time, space, consequence, purpose etc.
     2. adj. nasty, scary
     3. adj. unpleasant, sickening
30 heeft
     1. v. third-person singular present of hebben; has.
     2. v. second-person (u) singular present of hebben; have.
31 tot
     1. conj. until, till
           Ik kan niet wachten tot het hier ook weer gaat sneeuwen! — I can't wait till it snows here as well!
     2. prep. to, up to
     3. prep. until
32 ze
     1. pron. Unstressed form of zij
     2. adv. (following an imperative) break a leg, go get 'em, do well, good luck
           Werk ze vanavond!
             Good luck working tonight!
33 wordt
     1. v. second- and third-person singular present indicative of worden
     2. v. imperative of worden
34 over
     1. adv. over, above
     2. adv. (postpositional) over (implying motion)
           Kijk uit, er steekt een hond de straat over.
             Look out, a dog is crossing over the street.
     3. adv. remaining, left over
35 hij
     1. pron. Third-person singular, masculine, subjective: he.
           Hij loopt. — He walks.
36 meer
     1. n. lake
     2. det. comparative of lang=nl; more.
     3. adv. anymore, any longer
37 jaar
     1. n. year
38 was
     1. n. laundry, clothes that need to be washed, or just have been washed.
     2. v. first-person singular present indicative of wassen
     3. v. imperative of wassen
     4. n. wax
     5. n. growth
39 ik
     1. pron. First-person singular, subjective: I.
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