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Chinese Word Games

Try out our online word games below, made to help you improve your vocabulary in Chinese. We keep track of the points you earn when you get words right, so you can see your progress under the User Review menu. Shown below are the various ways of earning points for each game. The maximum you can score for a word is 10 points when playing the Test option of the Flash Cards game, which shows you know the word and how to spell it.


Play Hangman as an easier introduction to new words in Chinese while becoming familiar with their spelling. The online Hangman game here gives you more and more advanced words once you show you know the more basic words by scoring points.
Score 6 points for a correct word in Hangman, less 1 point for each wrong letter you select

Flash Cards

This online learning tool features a traditional flash card drill as well as a multiple choice game to start out learning new words, and a Test option which asks you to type the word in, thereby testing you know the word and know how to spell it, getting them right shows you really know the word and earns your the best core for a word.
Score 2 points in the multiple choice game, and 10 points in the Test option