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zhuǎn wān

to turn


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     1. v. to make a turn; to turn (a corner); to get around (a bend)
     2. v. (figurative, of a person) to be flexible in one's thinking; to adapt one's thinking according to the situation
     3. v. (figurative) to beat around the bush; to speak or think indirectly
     4. n. turn; corner; bend
     5. v. (intransitive) to rotate; to circle round
     1. to turn; to revolve
     2. to wind; to entwine
     3. winding; circuitous
     4. to change; to shift; to alter
     5. to change direction; to turn
     6. (Southwest Mandarin, dialectal Cantonese, Hakka, Min, Wu) to return; to come or go back
     7. (Wu) to think; to contemplate; to turn over in one's mind
     8. (Min Nan) to mediate; to reconcile
     9. (dialectal Mandarin)
     10. to change position; to move
     11. to wave; to flutter
     12. to divert; to transfer
     13. to evade; to avoid
     14. to be transferred to another post
     15. to sell; to transfer the ownership
     16. to transport; to relay; to carry in a cart
     17. to discard; to abandon
     18. to leave; to depart
     19. to chant; to utter (spell); to recite
     20. (intransitive) to revolve; to rotate; to turn
     21. revolution; rotation; turn
     22. (Cantonese, dialectal Hakka, dialectal Min, dialectal Wu) hair whorl
     23. number of times; time
     24. to wind around; to go around; bypass
     25. to lose (way); to get lost
     26. (colloquial) to stroll; to saunter; to amble; to wander
     27. (zh-alt-form, 囀, to chirp; to warble; to chirrup)
     28. (Mandarin, colloquial) (zh-alt-form, *拽, to act pretentiously; to show off)
     29. (Min) to twist with force or with a tool
     1. to bend; to make bent
     2. bent; curved; crooked; arched
     3. (neologism, opposite ofstraight) gay; homosexual
     4. a bend; turn; curve; crook
     5. (灣)
     6.    a bend in a river
     7.    a bend in the coastline; bay, gulf
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zhuǎn wān

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