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lǎo shī



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     1. n. teacher
           我 的 老師 給 我 很 大 壓力。 - My teacher puts me under a lot of pressure.
     1. old, aged, elderly (for persons, animate and inanimate objects generally)
     2. experienced
     3. overcooked, tough, stringy, hard (used in reference to cooked food or meat)
     4. stale, not fresh (used in reference to food or potable liquids)
     5. always, all the time
     6. (chiefly dialectal) very, quite
     7. (affectionate, respectful) Used before surnames to refer to heads or elder members of families.
           →小 (for younger people)
     8. (usually respectful and affectionate) Used by analogy in several other relationship terms.
     9. (zoology) Used before several animals considered noxious or unpleasant.
     10. (colloquial) Used before placenames, particularly countries, to form nouns.
     1. (historical, military) division of 2500 soldiers
     2. (military) division; a large body of troops composing part of an army
     3. army; troops; armed force
     4. to dispatch troops; to send troops
     5. the masses; populace; general public
     6. (historical) (A level of administrative division comprising ten major cities.)
     7. capital city; metropolis
     8. strategist; military adviser
     9. leader; chief; commander; head; captain
     10. teacher; instructor
     11. master; expert; specialist
     12. (Min Dong) to be an expert in; adept at; capable
     13. (Min Dong) (Respectful term of address for an expert in a trade or profession.)
     14. (religion) (Respectful title for monks, nuns and Taoist priests.)
     15. (historical) musician
     16. model; example; fine example
     17. to follow; to imitate; to follow the example of
     18. “Army” (䷆): the seventh hexagram of the I Ching
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lǎo shī

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