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sàn rè qì



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     1. n. radiator (device that lowers engine coolant temperature by conducting heat to the air)
     2. n. cooling panel, heat sink
     3. n. fan (computer)
     1. free and unfettered
     2. natural and restrained; at ease
     3. loose; free
     4. to become loose; to break apart; to fall apart
     5. scattered; fragmentary; odd; apart
     6. mixed and disorderly; miscellaneous
     7. (literature) free from parallelism
     8. careless; incautious; inattentive
     9. ordinary; useless
     10. (TCM) medicine in powder form
     11. to break up; to disperse; to scatter
     12. to distribute; to disseminate
     13. to open; to open wide
     14. to dissipate; to distract; to find diversion
     15. to run away; to escape; to flee
     16. to express; to declare; to explain
     17. to end; to finish; to be over
     18. to lose; to miss
     19. herd; graze
     20. chaotic; helter-skelter
     1. hot; heated; having a high temperature
           今天 很 熱。 - It is quite hot today.
           啲 湯 仲係 好 熱,小心 啲 啦。 - The soup's still hot; be careful.
     2. to heat up; to warm up
     3. heat; hotness; warmness; high temperature
     4. hot weather; summer heat
     5. kind; amiable; fervent; close and dear
     6. feverish; to have a fever
     7. fever; febrility; pyrexia
     8. zeal; fondness; enthusiasm; trend
     9. popular; fashionable; in vogue
     10. flourishing; thriving; prosperous
     11. worried; anxious; distraught
     12. fervently; passionately; enthusiastically; very
     1. device; tool; utensil; ware
           器具 - utensil
     2. (medicine) organ
           器官 - organ
     3. capacity; tolerance
           器量 - tolerance
     4. talent; ability
           大器晚成 - idiom A great talent takes time to mature.
     5. (literary) to think highly of
           器重 - to regard highly
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sàn rè qì

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