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sāi zi



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     1. n. cork, plug
sāi, sēi, sè
     1. to stop up; to block up
     2. to stuff; to cram; to squeeze in
     3. to be blocked; to be jammed
     4. to forbid; to suppress; to prohibit
     5. to satisfy; to fulfil
     6. to compensate; to remedy
     7. to answer; to repay
     8. to manage to arrange a position for someone
     9. to practise bribe
     10. to evade; to stall
     11. stopper; cork
     12. to be in a difficult position; destitute
     13. honest; truthful
     14. (historical) place of strategic importance; pass; fortress
     15. to build fortress; to construct fortifications
     16. frontier; border
     17. (specifically) the northern frontier of imperial China, as demarcated by the Great Wall
     18. (zh-alt-form, 賽, to sacrifice to God)
     19. (zh-alt-form, 簺, an ancient gambling game)
     1. (zh-alt-form, 籽, seed)
     2. young; tender; small
     3. (Prefix attached to nouns, denoting a part of, belonging to or individual.) sub-
     4. (astrology) First earthly branch: (rat in the Chinese zodiac, 11th solar month, 11pm to 1am (midnight))
     5. Viscount, fourth of five ranks of Chinese aristocracy under the (Zhou dynasty).
     6. (physics, biology) -on
     7. (Suffix for small objects or general diminutive suffix.)
     8. small, round object
     9. (Xiamen, Quanzhou)
     10. (Zhangzhou, Taiwan)
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sāi zi

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